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A Guide To Tooth Extraction

You’ve just been told by your dentist that one or more teeth need removing. You’re feeling sick, frightened and completely thrown, right? Trust me; it isn’t as bad as you think it is. You have to remember that your dentist is fully trained and he or she has completed this simple treatment countless times. If […]

The Secret Braces System That Celebrities Love

When it comes to celebrities a flawless smile is a must. But how do the celebrities get such perfect pearly whites? In recent years, lingual braces have become incredibly popular among celebrity dental patients, mainly because they are invisible to other people. Unlike traditional models they will be attached to the back of the teeth […]

Dental Problems and Alcoholism Linked to Mental Health Issues

Does anyone you know of, your children, relative, friend or co-worker, exhibit weak oral condition and has problems with alcohol? If the answer is yes, the person may have a mental condition. According to recent studies and extensive research, individuals with mental ailments have higher chances of suffering from weak oral health and are highly […]

Dentists are no longer terrifying?

In some ways, Nottingham dentistry is on the cutting edge of innovation, in other ways there are elements which have been the same for years and will remain so for years to come. People don’t necessarily have their one dentist who treats them and their whole family for everything teeth related any more.  They might […]

Braces, Inman aligners and invisalign; the (b)race is on for straighter teeth

Those boffins at the dental advances building have come up with a unique and happy solution to ugly looking braces, braces that look almost invisible and aren`t fixed to the teeth. The Inman and the Invisalign braces are the latest tool in the everlasting fight for straighter teeth, and the popularity is well deserved. A […]

Aloe Vera and Dental Hygiene

Aloe vera is a very effective remedy to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, etc. It is being used for many dermatologic conditions and has proven to be very effective. Aloe vera is known to have the anti-infective properties. In recent years, aloe vera has been recognised as a therapy to treat dental conditions. It is because […]

What Sorts of Foods Should You Avoid Eating After Installing Manchester Dental Implants?

Patients who have had Manchester dental implants installed should be careful to avoid several foods that could harm their dental implants. Here is a brief list of some of the foods that you should avoid consuming: –Excessively sweet foods Many foods that are loaded with sugar taste great. The problem is that they can also […]